Carcinotech a 'Best Startup' nominee for Prix Galien USA 2023 Awards

Monday 16th October 2023, 2:00pm

The Galien Foundation, the premier global institution dedicated to honoring innovators in life sciences, will be hosting the Prix Galien USA Awards 2023 at a ceremony in New York. in late October. Roslin Innovation Centre-based tenant company Carcinotech is amongst nominees in the 'Best Start-up' category.

Ishani Malhotra, CEO and Founder of Carcinotech - image credit DDE

The Galien Foundation, the premier global institution dedicated to honoring innovators in life sciences, announced earlier this year the 2023 Prix Galien USA Award nominees for "Best Digital Health Solution," "Best Medical Technology," and "Incubators, Accelerators and Equity."

In partnership with Business France, nominees have also been announced for "Best Startup", and included in the line-up are Roslin Innovation Centre-based MedTech company Carcinotech.

Winners will be announced during the Prix Galien USA Forum on October 26, 2023, at the Alexandria Center for Life Science in New York City. Nominees in the "Best Medical Technology" category will be previewed during the Prix Galien USA Forum and, later that evening, category winners will be announced during the Prix Galien USA Awards Ceremony at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City.

"The Prix Galien Awards Committee is delighted to celebrate this remarkable group of candidates and selecting this year's winners will be no easy feat. This great list of nominees reflects the undeniable courage, dedication, and passion behind each researcher continually working to deliver answers to patients around the world. We applaud their efforts and look forward to celebrating our shared goal of improving the human condition."

Bernard Poussot, Director, Roche Holding, and Prix Galien Medical Technology, Startup, Digital Health and Incubators, Accelerators and Equity Committee Chairman

In its second year as a Prix Galien Award category, "Incubators, Accelerators and Equity," acknowledges the role played by these institutions in guiding the next wave of innovators by offering a range of mentoring skills, including clinical trial design expertise, legal counsel, lab space, professional development, peer-to-peer support, free access to leading advisors, and economic support to advance life science innovation.

"I'm honored to be returning as an Awards juror as we commend the unwavering commitment of each winner and award nominee in their perseverance of the advancement of global science, healthcare, and wellness. The outstanding quality of the submissions is a testament to the promising future of the life sciences industries."

Alex Gorsky, former CEO & Executive Chairman, Johnson & Johnson, and member of the Prix Galien Startup, Digital Health & Incubators, Accelerators and Equity Committee

"It is an honor to serve again on the Prix Galien USA's Awards Committee to advance the mission of The Galien Foundation. This year's winners will represent transformational innovations in life science that have the potential to profoundly impact human health. We celebrate their enduring commitment to improving the lives of patients around the world."

Joel S. Marcus, J.D., CPA, Executive Chairman & Founder, Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Inc./Alexandria Venture Investments

The 2023 Prix Galien USA Medical Technology, Digital Health, Incubators, Accelerators and Equity, and Startup Awards Committee is composed of nine renowned leaders from the biomedical industry and academia, responsible for evaluating nominees. The 2023 Prix Galien Sub-Committees and Advisory Boards conduct a pre-screening of all applications before submitting the shortlist of award candidates to the Awards Committee.

Article source: PR Newswire