Carcinotech partner with Swedish biotech firm CELLINK on cancer research

Tuesday 18th August 2020, 10:30am

Life sciences start-up Carcinotech has agreed a partnership with Swedish firm CELLINK to research treatments for brain tumours and breast cancer.

image of Ishani Malhotra, Carcinotech, Roslin Innovation Centre

Carcinotech, a tenant company at Roslin Innovation Centre, uses bioinks to print microscopic 3D models of cancer cells which can be used to test potential treatments.

The deal will give Carcinotech access to the Swedish companyís expertise across 55 countries in bioprinting, which uses inks made from human cells and other biological materials.

The business was founded by Ishani Malhotra, who has won several awards and commendations for her innovation.  Ishan started the company with the help of University of Edinburgh after completing her Masters degree and went on to secure £3,000 funding as part of a start-up summer accelerator programme run by Launch.ed.

"I established the company because I wanted to make a significant contribution towards enabling the identification of effective treatments for cancer."

"Working with Cellink is really exciting as their knowledge and experience will be instrumental in enabling us to fulfil this aim. Ultimately, we want to use our knowledge, and our partnerís, to help save lives."

lshani Malhotra, founder of Carcinotech

Cancer drugs have an 85% fail rate in clinical trials, largely due to a lack of adequate testing models.

Carcinotech takes cancer cells from patients and replicates them with 95% accuracy.

"It is an honour to announce this partnership with Carcinotech. This collaboration will extend the pharmaceutical development segment for CELLINK and advance the tools used for future cancer drug development processes."

Dr Itedale Namro, Chief Scientific Officer, CELLINK

Article first published in the Business Insider