Services ON Campus

Offering a global gateway to animal health and agricultural expertise on the Easter Bush Campus 

The Easter Bush Campus brings together education, training, research, innovation and consulting to tackle the challenges of global population growth and food security through improving the effectiveness and sustainability of agri-food systems and the welfare and productivity of livestock.

Logo for Centre for Tropical Livestock Genetics and Health - credit CTLGH

The Centre for Tropical Livestock Genetics and Health supports programs that improve livestock-based livelihoods in the tropics. The Centre forges partnerships and catalyses investments that enable scientists, investors, policy-makers and user communities to co-produce and apply the knowledge and tools necessary to make our vision a reality.

On Campus, CLTGH is a strategic alliance of The Roslin Institute, Scotland's Rural College and the International Livestock Research Institute.

photo of livestock farmer and cattle for SEBI - credit UoE

The overall purpose of Supporting Evidence-Based Interventions is to improve the livelihoods and welfare of poor livestock farmers in developing countries.

Improving the availability of livestock performance data and analytical tools through the creation of better targeted animal health and productivity interventions will help produce sustainable improvements in livestock productivity in developing countries.

On Campus, SEBI is based at the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies, for the duration of the 3-year project initiated in May 2016.

logo for Centre for Innovation Excellence in Livestock - credit CIEL

The Centre for Innovation Excellence in Livestock delivers global leading livestock production and product quality research to deliver improved food quality and farming systems.

CIEL is a membership organisation, bringing together leading UK based academic institutions and industry partners who provide strategic direction, projects for development and commercialisation of the research we carry out.

On Campus, The Roslin Institute is an academic member of CIEL.

University of Edinburgh logo - corporate - credit UoE

The University of Edinburgh hosts five Global Academies, focussing on world-leading, multi-disciplinary research and education on responding to the most pressing global challenges facing humanity.

The Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Security was established in December 2016 to help tackle the problem of feeding the growing human population well, while protecting the natural systems on which we all depend.

On Campus, the new Academy is based at Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies and The Roslin Institute.

logo for British Society of Animal Science - credit BSAS

The British Society of Animal Science works to improve the understanding of animal science and the ways it can help ensure food is produced ethically and economically.

By sharing the latest in animal research, BSAS aims to enhance the welfare and productivity of farm animals to help produce quality, safe and environmentally-sustainable food.

On Campus, The Roslin Institute and SRUC are members of the BSAS Academia Association, made up of higher education establishments, universities and colleges involved in any area of animal science.