A dynamic, interactive core at the heart of the Campus

The Easter Bush Campus provides a dynamic and vibrant working environment with world-class facilities equipped with the latest technologies. This allows us to attract scientists and clinicians of the highest quality for our research and to enhance our collaborative research environment which sustains and expands our links with industry.

Map of the Roslin Innovation Centre and Campus buildings

The location of the Roslin Innovation Centre at the heart of the Campus allows for the natural development of business collaborators with laboratory and office space situated close to the science and clinical livestock expertise.

  • Enlightening culture
  • Strong and visionary leadership
  • Translation and convergent opportunities
  • Business, academics, clinicians, students, government agencies and public all under the one roof
  • Impact economic, cultural, environmental, health, public policy and societal on a local, national and international stage
  • Focus on Livestock Improvement, Food Security and One Health
  • Dynamic environment with an industrial collaboration culture 
  • Boost and significantly accelerate the innovation process from:

> idea to product and service
> student and researcher to entrepreneur
> lab to market
> start up to growth company

We offer the largest concentration of animal science and animal welfare related expertise in Europe with immediate proximity to world leading, strategic, translational science in the disciplines of:

  • Genetics and Genomics
  • Developmental Biology
  • Infection and Immunity
  • Neurobiology and Behaviour
  • Clinical Sciences and Veterinary Science
  • Agriculture and Environment

The Easter Bush Campus brings together clinical teaching, research and enterprise activities into a vibrant, interactive core at the heart of the innovation and research.

  • Easter Bush Research Consortium (EBRC) the largest worldwide group focused on the biology of companion and production animals
  • Industrial collaborative partnerships with Zoetis, Genus and Cobb
  • Centre for Innovation and Excellence in Livestock (CIEL), which incorporates the Large Animal Research and Imaging Facility (LARIF)
  • Centre for Tropical Livestock Genetics and Health (by way of Gates Foundation grant)
  • Centre for Health, Welfare and Rehabilitation of Racehorses