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Largest concentration of animal science related expertise anywhere in Europe

The Roslin Innovation Centre is the gateway to the Easter Bush Campus, a hub of activity bringing together associated industry sectors to nurture innovation, collaboration and growth, with a focus on livestock improvement, food security and one biology.

With global recognition as the birthplace of Dolly the Sheep; The Roslin Institute, together with the Moredun Research Institute and local partners, continue to push forward advances in the fields of animal health, life sciences and agri-tech.

John Mackenzie, Chief Executive Officer of Roslin Innovation Centre explains why Midlothian is a great place to base your business in this short video produced by Borders Railway.

Working in lab at microscope

We offer easy access to Business Services including: 

  • Bio imaging/Cell sorting & Flow Cytometry Facility
  • Proteomics Facility and Mass Spectrometry service
  • Biological Research Facility
  • The Centre for Comparative Pathology
  • Edinburgh Genomics
  • The Wellcome Trust Clinical Care Facility for Large Animals (providing clinical and veterinary expertise for large animal research)

Lab equipment

Operational support is available from our Central Services Unit (CSU) providing:

  • Collection of healthcare waste from lab areas
  • Autoclaving of healthcare waste and items for sterilisation
  • Preparation of media/buffers, slides and reagents
  • Distribution of solutions and glassware to central storage areas
  • Lab consumable service and communal weigh room

Meeting with business professionals

We provide facilitated access to:

  • Heads of the science divisions and academic group leaders
  • Edinburgh BioQuarter for academic scientists, clinicians and patients 
  • The University of Edinburgh’s College of Science and Engineering enabling collaborative development of new drugs, diagnostic tools and medical devices 
  • A wide network of business professionals, mentors, non-executives and investors
  • Company growth opportunities plus adjacent brown field development options