tenant profile: landcatch Ltd

Landcatch is a salmon breeding company, that focuses on driving innovations that lead to greater disease resistance in farmed animals and better selective breeding programmes. In Scotland, Landcatch has open plan office space at Roslin Innovation Centre and salmon breeding facilities at Ormsary in Argyll.

Landcatch is an aquaculture breeding company that provides genetic breeding programme support to Atlantic Salmon, Rainbow Trout and Coho Salmon around the world, focused on improved disease resistance, survival and growth rates.

Landcatch is part of Hendrix Genetics, a global multi-species breeding company with activities in layer poultry, turkeys, pigs and now aquaculture.


"We are excited about building on our long-term relationship with Landcatch and our strategic partnership with Hendrix Genetics. Working across a number of commercial species offers exciting opportunities for the science that Roslin pioneers."

Professor Bruce Whitelaw, Director of Partnerships and Deputy Director of The Roslin Institute

Landcatch delivers effective genetic solutions for the salmon industry and applies global multi-species knowledge locally whilst offering global benefits as a Hendrix Genetics’ brand; being a breeder in turkeys, trout, layers, traditional poultry, swine and salmon.

Landcatch innovates to provide a quality product that ensures value for all their customers, with a balanced approach and focus on survivability, growth and health.

Landcatch, the Hendrix Genetics’ genetics brand for salmon breeding, supplies customers worldwide with high quality salmon eggs and smolts (juvenile fish), delivering high quality, high health and high performing fish. 

Landcatch provides an innovative balanced breeding programme, taking into account all associations across the whole genome, instead of only focusing on just one or a handful of QTL’s (Quantitative Trait Loci) ie part of the DNA genome. 

Dr Alastair Hamilton, senior scientist at Hendrix Genetics

Roslin Innovation Centre
University of Edinburgh
Easter Bush Campus
Midlothian, EH25 9RG

M: +44 (0)7751 397991
E: Alastair.Hamilton@hendrix-genetics.com