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Highlights from the heart of an expanding Campus

Roslin Innovation Centre has been ‘open for business’  since August 2017, to provide space for companies undertaking strategic, commercial and collaborative research in animal and veterinary sciences, agri-tech and health industries. Our unique business gateway to innovation continues to nurture entrepreneurship, growth and collaboration within the dynamic environment of Easter Bush Campus. 

Occupancy is currently at 95%, with over 30 tenant companies ranging from established local and international organisations, start-ups and spin-outs, to community interest companies.

highlights - year 6 

Dyneval team in the field with cattle and the company's portable technology for semen analysis
Dr Vincent Martinez, Chief Technology & Scientific Officer of Dyneval, has been shortlisted 'Agri-Tech Innovator of the Year' in the British Farming Awards 2023, in recognition for all his work to overcome existing limitations for semen quality assessment. Dyneval was also commended for the ‘Innovation Award’ at the 2023 Cream Awards, for the company’s innovative Dynescan semen analyser. 

Dr Mark Barnett, founder of Beebytes Analytics CIC, a social enterprise based at Roslin Innovation Centre, together with Roslin Institute and University of Edinburgh researchers, have published a new paper on the creation of the first whole single cell atlas of honey bees at any stage of development.

modular meeting space at Roslin Innovation Centre
Our colourful new modular meeting room pods have landed. These are located in reception area on ground floor (green) and in the open-plan office space on the 2nd floor (pink and orange). 

We selected the colours to reflect our logo and in colour psychology GREEN symbolises peace and tranquillity, hope, harmony and optimism, PINK is a sign of hope and ORANGE is optimistic and uplifting, rejuvenating our spirit! 

The meeting pods are designed to comfortably sit up to four people and have internal lighting, also fitted with power and equipped for use of IT/AV and other devices. Booking is exclusive to Roslin Innovation Centre tenants and these  are in addition to our other meeting space.  
University of Edinburgh Conference & Events team in meeting space at Roslin Innovation Centre
Roslin Innovation Centre recently hosted a Lunch & Learn session for tenants with The University of Edinburgh Conferences & Events team to hear more about the conference services, accommodation developments and events facilities that are available to tenant companies and their visitors. 

It was also a perfect opportunity to sample new bento box style catering - tailored to the season - and with some delicious sweet treats. Events catering can be pre-ordered and delivered to meetings onsite - or host a meeting or event in Edinburgh on Pollock Estate or Old Town Campus.

We were thrilled to discover Dolly the sheep and the Canter sculpture located outside our building entrance are featured on the design of the fudge tin! 

Carcinotech team outside Roslin Innovation Centre, on Easter Bush Campus
Another notable achievement for Carcinotech Ltd with a feature in Forbes - '26 Million New Cases, Three Dimensions, And One New Technology: How Bioprinting Can Improve Cancer Treatment's

The award-winning innovative startup, based at Roslin Innovation Centre, has seen an increased response to its technologies and capabilities since the FDA Modernization Act 2.0 in 2022 which allows for animal testing to be replaced with certain other testing systems that includes bioprinting.

Carcinotech are using bioprinting to revolutionise and democratise cancer treatment options, making them cheaper and faster, more personalised and efficient, and more patient-friendly and less invasive than before.

Fungi in a field - credit Midlothian Science Zone/LP
The Nature Trust Ireland recently teamed up with Roslin Innovation Centre-based Rhizocore Technologies on an innovative project using fungi to improve tree growth in our new native woodlands. 

Rhizocore Technologies develop pellets with a tailored mix of fungi, which will help newly planted saplings tap into a natural network of fungi, with the expectation that this will enhance the growth of the trees and the carbon sequestration in the soil. 

The fungi pellets will allow the Nature Trust to explore how to improve tree growth and health in some of the new native woodlands that are being planted.  The expectation is that trees that receive the pellets will grow faster and stronger than trees that do not receive pellets.

Ishani Malhotra, CEO Carcinotech - credit Data Driven Innovation programme
Edinburgh Innovations, the University of Edinburgh’s commercialisation service, are experts at getting research out of the university and into practical application – to treat patients, tackle climate change, create ethical AI systems – to help meet global challenges.

One excellent example is Ishani Malhotra , CEO of Roslin Innovation Centre-based startup Carcinotech and a University of Edinburgh graduate. Whilst completing her masters in regenerative medicine, Ishani and her classmates had to create a commercialisation opportunity from their research and pitch it to supervisors and industry advisors. The idea of 3D printing tumours to aid diagnosis and treatment was created and developed.

The recently published National Innovation Strategy acknowledges innovation as the heart of our economy and the Scottish Government can make valuable contributions towards an innovation ecosystem that truly helps our innovators navigate that challenging journey by focusing on infrastructure, investment and connection.
Bee on flowers, pollinator, honey bee - credit Roslin Innovation Centre/LP
An international collaboration led by researchers at the Roslin Institute and Beebytes CIC, a community interest company based at Roslin Innovation Centre specialising in honey bee genetics, has created a data resource that allows scientists to better understand the genetic diversity of honey bees for healthy breeding.

The research processed genetic data for over 1,300 honey bees sampled across 19 countries, and an online community has been established for AmelHap (a honey bee HapMap), allowing researchers to contribute to its ongoing development with data from around the world. 

As the resource grows, it can support research aiming to gain a better understanding of how honey bees have adapted to different environments (native or non-native) and also has the potential to cut research costs.

Dynescan Semen Analysis technology - credit Dyneval, agritech tenants at Roslin Innovation Centre
Roslin Innovation Centre-based agritech, Dyneval, has secured follow-on funding from Kelvin Capital, Gabriel Investment Syndicate, Par Equity and Scottish Enterprise to accelerate production of an automated and portable instrument for semen analysis and potentially save the average UK dairy farmer £37,000 each year and boost food production.

The Dynescan Semen Analyser provides new insights into the length of time for which sperm maintain motility in a warm, low oxygen environment that mimic in-vivo conditions. With its portable nature, the international growth of the  product could become one of Scotland’s next big global exporters.

Read full article published in Farming UK. Other publications include The Scotsman and The Scottish Farmer
Ingenza team outside Roslin Innovation Centre, celebrate 20 years
Friends, colleagues and collaborators gathered at Roslin Innovation Centre on 20th April to celebrate 20 years of Ingenza Ltd, pioneers in engineering biology innovation. 

Informal networking was followed by a presentation in the Roslin Institute auditorium by founder and CEO Ian Fotheringham who outlined the company’s incredible journey and highlighted the many achievements - with special moments shared by the 'Ingenzers'! 

We wish congratulations to all at Ingenza and best wishes for the company's continued growth and success.

Read more about Ingenza's achievements and future plans

Tartan Week New York with innovation cohort - credit Scottish Enterprise
A selection of Scotland's most innovative tech companies pitched to leading North American venture capital investors in New York, to coincide with Tartan Week 10th to 17th April.

A cohort of 14 Scottish entrepreneurs, including Roslin Innovation Centre-based Ishani Malhotra of Carcinotech Ltd and Dr Kate Camero, CEO and Founder of Cytochroma, had the opportunity to make valuable connections at the Scotland’s Tech Company Showcase, an event designed to establish a  platform in the US for these growth tech firms.

The event, organised by Scottish Enterprise’s international arm, Scottish Development International (SDI), entrepreneurial ecosystem development organisation Foras and the Scottish Government through its Scottish Tech Ecosystem Fund, was one of a series of engagements to mark Tartan Day, which celebrates Scotland’s enduring connection with the US and Canada. 

Roslin Technologies at Scotland's Life Sciences Awards 2023
Roslin Technologies and Dr Kate Cameron were winners of their categories at the annual Scotland's Life Sciences Awards ceremony. Dr Cameron won the 'Rising Stars: Extraordinary Talent' award for her work as CEO and Founder of Cytochroma, which uses semi-automated technology to manufacture thousands of mini livers simultaneously, made from ethically sourced stem cells, to predict the safety and toxicity of new drugs.

Roslin Technologies won the 'Innovation - Animal Health, Agritech and Aquaculture' award for their development of pluripotent animal stem cells with the capacity to self-renew indefinitely and differentiate into desired end-tissues for meat.

In the Midlothian & East Lothian Chamber of Commerce Business Awards 2023, Carcinotech Ltd won Best Innovation in Business, for the development of 3D-printed tumor replicas to better personalise cancer treatments.

Dr Tiffany Wood of Dyneval in field with cattle, showcasing Dynescan product
Dr Tiffany Wood, CEO of Dyneval Ltd, is a winner in Innovate UK’s 'Women In Innovation Awards 2022/23'; one of 50 entrepreneurial women being recognised for tackling some of our most pressing environmental, economic and societal challenges. 

This recognition was awarded for Dr Wood's role in bringing the technology behind the Dynescan Semen Analyser from lab to market, alongside co-founder and the inventor behind the core technology, Dr Vincent Martinez. Read summary of the agritech project.

Reduced conception rates are a challenge facing both, livestock production and human fertility. The precise and automated Dynescan is already generating new insights into the robustness of semen samples and quality control across the veterinary industry, where return of conception rates to the levels seen in the 1960s could reduce methane emissions by 7.5% while returning over £10,000 profit per annum for the average UK dairy farm of 148 cows.   

MELCC Business Awards dinner
The finalists have been announced for Midlothian & East Lothian Chamber of Commerce Business Awards 2023, following review by judges who made the selection from a large number of entries.

We are delighted to see such an excellent representation of the innovative science and technology talent from within Midlothian Science Zone. Finalists  include Roslin Innovation Centre tenant companies, featured across three different categories - Carcinotech Ltd (Best Innovation in Business), Cytomos Ltd (SME of the Year), Beebytes Analytics (Best Environmental Impact).

Well done to all, and good luck at the Awards Ceremony & Dinner at Eskmills, Musselburgh on  Thursday 29th March when the winners will be announced.

LtoR: Kate Cameron, FM Nicola Sturgeon, Ana Stewart, Ishani Malhotra in Roslin Innovation Centre meeting space
First Minister Nicola Sturgeon visited Roslin Innovation Centre and met with tenant company founders Dr Kate Cameron of Cytochroma and Ishani Malhotra of Carcinotech Ltd, to discuss the barriers facing women in entrepreneurship, and how these can be addressed to close the gender gap and boost Scotland’s economy. 

This visit followed the publication of an independent review, commissioned by The Scottish Government, ‘Pathways: A New Approach for Women in Entrepreneurship’ and was led by entrepreneur and investor Ana Stewart.

Scottish Lives Sciences Awards 2023 graphic
Eight prestigious awards recognising a range of achievements including skills development, innovation, investment, innovative collaboration and business leadership were available for nomination and entry for the annual Scotland’s Life Sciences Awards. 

The shortlist has now been announced and we're delighted this features tenant companies based at Roslin Innovation Centre. Dyneval Ltd and Roslin Technologies are finalists in the 'Innovation – Animal Health, Agritech & Aquaculture' category and in ‘Rising Stars: Extraordinary Talent’ Roslin Technologies Chief Executive, Ernst Van Orsouw, and Dr Kate Cameron, CEO and founder of Cytochroma.

Well done to all, and good luck at the Dinner & Awards Celebration at the National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh on Thursday 16th March when the winners will be announced.

Greengage Agritech COO checking sensor in shed - photo shared by Courteenhall
Greengage AgriTech is participating in a technology trial at a broiler farm that will assess three smart-sensor systems and application in poultry production over the next 12 months at Courteenhall Farms.

Greengage ALIS sensors monitor key productivity and welfare attributes and as with their poultry lighting, are designed to cope with the conditions in livestock housing. Sensors provide accurate real time data and 24 monitoring that enables precision livestock farming in response to animal behaviour. 

We look forward in finding out how ALIS sensors compare to others in the trial!

Read full article in Poultry Network
Bee on flowers, an example of pollinator in a natural environment - credit Roslin Innovation centre/LP
A selection of the best outcomes and impacts from 2022 arising from BBSRC investments are featured in a new BBSRC Showcase and includes Beebytes, a social enterprise at Roslin Innovation Centre, specialising in honeybee genetics and DNA analysis of pollinators and their environment, founded by two Roslin Institute and University of Edinburgh scientists.

The community interest company helps beekeepers and bee farmers select and breed their preferred type of honeybee. By giving more information about their bees, keepers can breed preferred stock themselves. This reduces the need for imports which risks introducing unwanted traits and new pests and diseases. Beebytes also works with groups looking at issues of genetic diversity, health, forage and habitat for both honeybees and other pollinators.

BBSRC supports world-class bioscience to deliver a healthy, prosperous, and sustainable future. 

Beta Bugs team exhibiting at EIT Food workshop at Glasgow Science Centre
Archangels, the Edinburgh-based investment syndicate, invested £13.4 million during 2022 in some of Scotland’s “most promising” early-stage technology and life science businesses. New figures have revealed the total investment for the past year, spread across 11 businesses, marks a 14 per cent increase on the syndicate’s investment activity in 2021.

One of the businesses to receive follow-on funding included Roslin Innovation Centre-based Cytomos, to enable the development and qualification of Cytomos Dielectric Spectroscopy (CDSTM) to move forward at pace and address the biopharma industry’s unmet needs.

Archangels comprises of 120 members and an 11-strong board and executive team and currently has 21 companies within the portfolio. Read full article in The Scotsman

Beta Bugs team exhibiting at EIT Food workshop at Glasgow Science Centre
Beta Bugs Ltd has been out and about raising the profile of bugs. The insect genetics company develop and distribute breeds of Black Soldier Fly for the insect farming industry.

As part of Innovate UK’s Sustainable Impact Investment Programme cohort of impactful startups, they pitched at Demo Day where Investors met with the startups pitching their impact innovations to raise  first round of capital. 

The team also participated in EIT Food ‘Future of Food’ workshops for children and families, hosted at Glasgow Science Centre, providing an introduction to insect farming and the use of black soldier fly breeds as an alternative protein source for animal feed and to break-down agricultural and food waste. 

AccelerateHER, an network supporting and encouraging female founders hosting annual awards and trade missions
Ishani Malhotra, founder and CEO of Carcinotech Ltd was a panellist on the 'Empire State of Mind' breakout session during The Scotsman Life Sciences Conference 2022 which focussed on the theme of 'Growing Global'.

Carcinotech is a MedTech company with expertise in manufacturing 3D printed living tumours using patient-derived biopsies, primary cells, immune cells and cancer stem cells. The company has established significant international partnerships to advance the provision of personalised drug testing platforms to help those suffering from cancer. 

Ishani was also part of an AccelerateHer trade mission to California this month, together with Dr Kate Cameron, founder and CEO of Cytochroma Ltd, giving these female entrepreneurs direct access to some of the leading figures in the US tech sector and global investment community.
AskBio/ESGCT graphic re participation and contribution at Congress 2022
The annual European Society of Gene and Cell Therapy (ESGCT) congress took place in Edinburgh 11th to 14th October and is an ideal opportunity for facilitating scientific exchange, disseminating knowledge and increasing the awareness of gene and cell therapy among scientists and the society.

Asklepios BioPharmaceutical, Inc. (AskBio)  a wholly owned and independently operated subsidiary of Bayer AG, with research and development facilities at Roslin Innovation Centre, presented 14 company abstracts at the Congress. 

The full company presence highlights the breadth of the AskBio contribution to advancing gene therapy and includes an oral presentation on the role of empty capsids in overall AAV immunogenicity and toxicity risks, 12-month data from ongoing Parkinson’s and congestive heart failure studies and data on synthetic DNA material from wholly owned subsidiary TAAV Bio-manufacturing Solutions, SL. 

Dr kate Cameron, Cytochroma in the lab facilities at Roslin Innovation Centre - credit Roslin Innovation Centre/LP
Dr Kate Cameron, Founder and CEO at Cytochroma, an award-winning entrepreneur and expanding company based at Roslin Innovation Centre, was featured in The Herald 'Supercharging the next generation of scale-ups in Scotland'. 

Securing the company's first round of investment was critical to success, and Cytochroma leveraged seed funding to secure a large Innovate UK grant, bringing non-dilutive funding to around £1 million. The most recent grant to manufacture ethnically diverse mini-hearts has effectively doubled the company's product offering.  

The team has since expanded in both size and facilities, transforming operations and the funding has enabled Kate to focus more on business development providing a new challenge.

BBC Click visit Roslin Technologies lab at Roslin Innovation Centre
Growing sausages from animal cells. Technology show BBC Click visited the Roslin Technologies laboratory at Roslin Innovation Centre to find out how the company has found a way to grow sausages from animal cells. 

The animals don’t need to be slaughtered in the process. Instead a biopsy is taken which can be reprogrammed, meaning this could be a greener way to generate meat. This type of lab-grown meat is yet to receive regulatory approval for human consumption in the UK, but in Singapore, people have been eating lab-grown chicken meat for two years.

Beta Buzz, insect farming publication by Beta Bugs, a Roslin Innovation Centre tenant
We welcome a new executive team at Cytomos. The life sciences venture company, based at Roslin Innovation Centre, has developed a new approach to analysing cells. 

The company's cell platform has potential applications in drug development, bioprocessing, cell and gene therapy manufacturing and vaccine production.

As the company gears up for this next stage of growth, David Rigterink joins the scale-up as the CEO and is appointed to the Board. Lindsay Fraser joins as Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) and Gordon Sharp has been promoted to interim Chief Technology Officer (CTO).