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Highlights from the heart of an expanding Campus

Roslin Innovation Centre has been ‘open for business’  since August 2017, to provide space for companies undertaking strategic, commercial and collaborative research in animal and veterinary sciences, agri-tech and health industries

Our unique business gateway to innovation continues to nurture entrepreneurship, growth and collaboration within the dynamic environment of Easter Bush Campus. Occupancy is currently at the optimal target of 85%, with over 30 tenant companies ranging from established local and international organisations, start-ups and spin-outs, to community interest companies. 

Highlights - year 5

Beta Buzz, insect farming publication by Beta Bugs, a Roslin Innovation Centre tenant
The Vegconomist lists the UK as No.2 in  Cultivated Meat innovation, featuring Roslin Technologies and their project funded under the UKRI Transforming Food Production challenge.

New publication in MDPI by authors from Roslin Institute and AbacusBio discusses the potential economic and genetic implications of the commercial implementation of gene-editing for influenza A virus in pigs.

And the second issue of Beta Buzz, a digital publication by Beta Bugs, is now available featuring articles and perspectives on the insect farming industry with guest editorials and opinion pieces. 


SEBI_Livestock office space at Roslin Innovation Centre - credit RIC, LP
An interdisciplinary hub of agri researchers, teachers and students are now accommodated on second floor office space of Roslin Innovation Centre.

Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Systems (GAAFS) is developing new science, curating evidence and learning on the intersection and interdependence of the systems that underpin the health and wellbeing of people and our planet through regenerative and ethical food and land use systems.

SEBI-Livestock, the Centre for Supporting Evidence-Based Interventions in Livestock,  also facilitating the Livestock Data for Decisions community, are dedicated to driving better livestock decision-making through improved data and analysis.

Members of Ingenza Ltd team outside Roslin Innovation Centre - credit Ingenza Ltd
The Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) has partnered with a consortium of research and technological institutions to develop a novel vaccine to provide protection against COVID-19 caused by current and future SARS-CoV-2 variants.

The project was recently aired in a White House Summit on the Future of COVID-19 Vaccines, and will be led in manufacturing efforts by deep tech innovation organisation CPI to advance the novel vaccine developed at Caltech and The University of Oxford, and manufactured using microbes engineered by industrial biotechnology leader, and Roslin Innovation Centre-based tenant company, Ingenza Ltd.

Ian Fotheringham, Ingenza Managing Director "Our commitment to enhancing human health and a sustainable and equitable global environment fundamentally underpins our engagement with these consortium partners to deliver this next-generation vaccine."  Read full article 

AbacusBio/WCGALP speakers - credit AbacusBio/RIC
AbacusBio presented at the World Congress of Genetics Applied to Livestock Production (WCGALP 2022) in Rotterdam on a range of diverse topics including genetic challenges and solutions, societal issues, breeding goals and strategies, bovine beef and dairy, and pollinators. 

The congress is hosted every four years, to share knowledge and interact on innovations in the area of genetics applied to livestock production that enable to breed animals that allow livestock production chains to meet future needs. 

In preparation for the conference and to 'continue the conversation', AbacusBio launched an appointment page to arrange 30-minute consults with a member of the their consulting team based in UK at Roslin Innovation Centre and in New Zealand. 
Cytomos cell analysis - credit Cytomos, a Roslin Innovation Centre tenant
Cytomos has secured £1.6m additional seed funding to support the next stage of development of its cell analysis platform Cytomos Dielectric Spectroscopy. This platform can be used in drug development, bioprocessing, vaccine production and for cell and gene therapy manufacturing.

The Roslin Innovation Centre-based tenant company will also use the seed investment for hiring and building its next-generation sensor. This is an important milestone in the company's journey to  enable the development and manufacture of life saving biologic therapies.

The funding was led by previous investor Archangels Investors as well as Scottish Enterprise and The University of Edinburgh’s in-house venture investment fund, Old College Capital.

Roslin Innovation Centre exterior with canter- credit Roslin Innovation Centre
Roslin Innovation Centre is a member of UKSPA (The United Kingdom Science Park Association), an association that represents, promotes and supports a diverse network of members that includes science parks, research campuses, technology incubators, city-based innovation districts and innovation centres across the UK (and beyond). 

Sharing good practice, networking, communication, research, promotion and advocacy, UKSPA membership helps sustain and develop this vital economic sector. Members create, maintain and manage locations to allow some of the most innovative, knowledge-based companies in the world to thrive and grow. Within the dynamic environment of Easter Bush Campus, Roslin Innovation Centre is designed to nurture entrepreneurship, growth and collaboration.

Read our new UKSPA Member Profile
Roslin Technologies team, a tenant company at Roslin Innovation Centre - credit Business Insider Made in Scotland Awards
Congratulations to Roslin Technologies, announced as 'Innovator of the Year' at the Business Insider 'Made In Scotland' Awards, in partnership with the National Manufacturing Institute Scotland (NMIS).
These awards recognise champions across all aspects of innovative manufacturing, with categories from food and drink to engineering and technology.  

Roslin Technologies received the award in recognition of their groundbreaking work in stem cells for cultivated meat and insect breeding programmes and were a finalist in two award categories.

The team are hugely excited about creating a technology and innovation hub on Easter Bush Campus to continue developing new solutions to support the cellular agriculture sector and develop a great working culture.

Read full article and list of winners published in Business Insider Scotland, 20 May.

Midlothian Science Zone Case Study cover photo of Roslin Innovation Centre - credit UKSPA
A Case Study by Midlothian Science Zone has been published in the new UKSPA Guide, a definitive guide to the creation and management of innovation locations in the UK. 

It highlights the benefits of a natural working environment and nurturing innovative entrepreneurial talent, featuring aspects of Roslin Innovation Centre such as the Living Walls and Campus events including Health Walks and Easter Bush Gym Bootcamps.

Tenant company expertise relating to sustainability features Beebytes, a social enterprise established by scientists from the Roslin Institute  helping beekeepers address the global decline in pollinators, and entrepreneurial start-up Beta Bugs Ltd developing efficient insect breeding programmes of the Black Soldier Fly.

A3 Scotland 2022 pre-conference tour group at Easter Bush Campus - credit A3 Scotland
Two years later than planned but organisers and delegates agree it was worth the wait!  The inaugural not-for-profit A3 Scotland 2022 conference took place on 26th & 27th April at the University of Edinburgh's John MacIntryre Conference Centre and was well attended by international delegates, and many closer to home, with pre-conference delegates joining a tour of Easter Bush Campus.  

The main theme of  the conference was 'Transition to Net Zero' and this provided a platform for speakers from the Animal Health, Agri-tech and Aquaculture (AAA) sector to share their knowledge and showcase research achievements during presentations and panel sessions under the banners of  innovation, investment and collaboration. 

Sponsorship places sold out and sponsors had exhibition space to meet with delegates during networking and coffee breaks. 

Ishani Malhotra, Carcinotech, a tenant company at Roslin Innovation Centre - credit DDE
Medical technology specialist Carcinotech has secured a £1.6 million funding injection as it looks to expand its cancer research and boost overseas growth, extending commercial partnerships in Europe and North America over the next 12 months.

The company, based at Roslin Innovation Centre, manufactures 3D printed tumours developed from cancer stem cells, primary cells, and established cell lines. It already has partnerships in place with industry organisations such as Cancer Research UK, global pharma groups and a major US-based clinical research organisation.

Ishani Malhotra, founder and chief executive of Carcinotech, said: “Our next phase of growth will involve building international partnerships, growing the team, and appointing a scientific advisory committee to support the work of the main board."

Read news article published in The Scotsman, 25 April.
Toby Parkes, Rhizocore Technologies, a tenant at Roslin Innovation Centre
Rhizocore Technologies produce locally-adapted mycorrhizal fungi to enhance tree-planting projects,  creating healthy forest ecosystems.

The equity  investment of £370,000 will allow the company to scale its business across the UK where local fungi is implemented as part of production processes 

Based at Roslin Innovation Centre, the start up is part of the Food & Agriculture Science Transformer (FAST) programme, Scotland's first venture studio, and a collaboration between Deep Science Ventures and the University of Edinburgh, working with innovative high growth start-ups operating in the agriculture sector. 

Read full article as published in Scottish Financial News

Ishani Malhotra, Carcinotech, a tenant company at Roslin Innovation Centre - credit DDE
The AccelerateHER Awards. in partnership with Barclays Eagle Labs, celebrate women excelling in their sector and are split across five UK regions with four categories in each.

Congratulations to  Ishani Malhotra, founder and CEO of Carcinotech, the winner of the Science and MedTech category, The company, based at Roslin Innovation Centre, manufactures 3D printed tumours developed from patient-specific cancer stem cells, primary cells and established cell lines.

Ishani has also recently received Seed Fund support from the Data-Driven Entrepreneurship (DDE) programme and is in the current Phase 2 cohort of the DDE AI Accelerator.
John Mackenzie, CEO Roslin Innovation Centre - farewell gathering and cake cutting
On 24th February, colleagues and tenants gathered in the atrium of the Charnock Bradley Building to bid a fond farewell to John Mackenzie, CEO of Roslin Innovation Centre since its development over 7 years ago.

John said, "It was a wonderful sight to see so many familiar faces and a great ‘sign of the times ahead’ that we are all returning to the building. This is a special place with special people and it’s been a privilege serving as your ‘landlord’ these past 4.5 years. I will continue to follow each and every one of RIC tenants and wish your business every success in the future."
John will take up a new role as Director (Scotland) with We Are Pioneer Group and will be based at Edinburgh Technopole, one of our neighbouring science parks within Midlothian Science Zone of which John remains Chair.

Val Hughes-White, Campus Operating Officer will be acting RIC CEO, pending a replacement.

We Are Aquaculture feature - A3 Scotland Highland Cow
Great coverage of the Animal Health, Agritech and Aquaculture (AAA) sector and the inaugural not-for-profit A3 Scotland Conference in a feature by We Are Aquaculture. 

With the importance of animal sciences, genetics and innovation to aquaculture, they were keen to learn more about this emerging A3 sector and its importance for Scotland and on a global scale.

The main objectives of the conference, to be hosted in Edinburgh 26 & 27 April, are innovation, investment and collaboration. 'Transition to Net Zero' is the central topic and conference theme, providing an opportunity to showcase the joint A3 efforts  in Scotland to the world, the expertise we offer and the importance of this growing sector to Scotland and beyond. 

Roslin Technologies lab meat cultivation at Roslin Innovation Centre
Roslin Technologies is supplying companies across three continents with all the components and instructions to grow animal protein in a tank. With a team of 24 experts from eight countries, the Roslin Innovation Centre-based organisation is leading the field in the rapidly growing new sector.

The company is supplies stem cells, derived from animals, and instructions for cultivation and is playing a major part in their drive to bring meat that is tasty, affordable, cruelty-free and eco-friendly meat to plates across the world. 

Animal agriculture generates a seventh of global greenhouse gas emissions and is responsible for a third of all freshwater consumption. Ernst Van Orsouw, who took over as chief executive last summer, believes artificially created meat offers a more sustainable alternative to traditionally reared equivalents but will never completely replace them.

How a Scottish biotech firm is upping the steaks in the emerging lab-grown meat sector'
Kate Cameron (Cytochroma) and Ishani Malhotra (Carcinotech), California Virtual Trade Mission - AccelerateHER UK
Exceptional female founders have been named in the AccelerateHER UK awards shortlist which includes Roslin Innovation Centre tenant Ishani Malhotra, of Carcinotech Ltd, announced as a finalist in the Science and MedTech category. This is the first time the previously Scotland-only event has extended UK- wide.

Both Ishani and Kate Cameron (Cytochroma Ltd) have since also been part of a California Virtual Mission, led by AccelerateHER UK, to showcase Scottish business female founders and where they had the opportunity to pitch to major US industry figures, VC's and international angel groups. 

Team member of Ingenza Ltd, a biotech company, in lab at Roslin Innovation Centre
Biotechnology tenant company, Ingenza Ltd, reports on the successful conclusion to its recent six-month project with Johnson Matthey, a speciality chemicals and sustainable technologies supplier, and Edinburgh Genome Foundry. Together, the companies have developed new, efficient approaches for the sustainable production of industrially-relevant enzymes.  

Dr Ian Fotheringham, Managing Director at Ingenza, commented: “We have thoroughly enjoyed working closely with the team at Johnson Matthey over the last six months. We truly value this relationship, and the ease of communication between our companies has been critical to the project’s success. We look forward to a continued collaboration with Johnson Matthey, sharing our expertise and knowledge while consistently delivering our services.”

Kate Cameron, CEO Cytochroma in lab at Roslin Innovation Centre
Cytochroma Ltd, led by founder and CEO Dr Kate Cameron, has secured nearly £1 million to further commercialise its drug discovery technology and to scale up the team and facilities. 

Investment has been generated through multiple grants from Scottish Enterprise and Innovate UK and follows an investment round led by Angel Academe, alongside fellow female-focused group Investing Women Angels and Cambridge Capital Group.

Based at Roslin Innovation Centre, Cytochroma accelerate the rate of new drug development, reducing the need for animal testing and identify novel therapeutics for a global population. The company uses robotics to manufacture and test genetically diverse mini-livers to identify novel medicines faster and more efficiently and has also built a diverse induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) library, which contains backgrounds of ethnic groups that are currently underrepresented in clinical trials. 

Roslin Innovation Centre exterior on The University of Edinburgh, Easter Bush Campus
In a European Business Review article, authors David Johnson and John Mackenzie, CEO of Roslin Innovation Centre, discuss the business innovation gateway to the University of Edinburgh Easter Bush Campus. They explore the role of the built environment in driving science commercialisation and UCEE development, and suggest important recommendations for stakeholders responsible for fostering entrepreneurial activities and challenged with developing high-growth UCEEs.

Science commercialisation activities at the university-industry boundary are key drivers to high-growth, sustainable University-Centred Entrepreneurial Ecosystems. To support the commercialisation of university science, universities have invested in their built environment, including the construction of innovation centres. 
Carus Animal Health logo
Carus Animal Health, a leading veterinary innovation specialists, joins us at Roslin Innovation Centre as a new tenant, providing the company with opportunities on Campus for collaboration with academia and early stage companies.

Carus Animal Health have partnerships in  UK, Europe and North America, developing and adapting pharmaceuticals, diagnostics and medical devices for treatment and care of companion animals 

The company is committed to researching, identifying and developing novel and emerging technologies that have application in the animal health environment. The company's  interests extend to include active programmes in the field of alternatives to antibiotics, diagnostics and digital and data services in companion animals, production animals and aquaculture. 

Carus Animal Health logo
As part of COP26, VisitScotland Business Events created a podcast series to discuss how the issues of change and sustainability affect the business events sector and how business events can help bring about the change that we need. 

In Episode 14, Patrick Lamont speaks with John MacKenzie, CEO of Roslin Innovation Centre and Professor George Crooks OBE, Digital Health & Care Innovation Centre (DHI), discuss how events instigate and promote innovation, and to learn how two of Scotland's leading Innovation Centres are approaching COP26 and the areas in which they will look to change and adapt.

Beta Bugs Ltd launch Beta Buzz, a new insect farming industry publication
Beta Bugs Ltd has launched a new insect farming industry publication to communicate and highlight the benefits of the growth of the insect farming industry and to address some questions raised regarding the black soldier fly.

Insect farming involves breeding, rearing, and harvesting insects which can be used for a number of purposes, including a protein rich ingredient for animal feed. Adopting insects as feed plays a role in cultivating a circular economy approach in food production, while vastly improving the sustainability and self-sufficiency of the aquaculture and livestock sector globally. 

The farming of black soldier flies help to combat three major areas contributing to our damaged climate - food waste, deforestation, carbon emissions.
Beta Bugs Ltd featured in Scottish Field
Beta Bugs Ltd, an insect genetics company, are featured as one of Scotland’s’ pioneering green innovative companies in the November issue of Scottish Field, as part of a focus on green innovations that have either come from Scots or are being pioneered in Scotland. 

From their base at Roslin Innovation Centre, Beta Bugs provide black soldier flies to the insect farming sector as an alternative source of protein in aquaculture and animal feed, providing an environment friendly alternative to soy meal and fish meal which causes deforestation and overfishing.

The flies are reared on agriculture and food waste and are genetically improved to enable them to be reared on a larger scale to meet demand.

Greengage LED lighting
Greengage Ltd was a finalist in the Tesco Agri T-Jam, announced at the World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit in September.

Over 150 applications were received so this was a great achievement to be selected as one of the eight finalists to be showcased. Greengage develop innovative lighting and welfare sensor technology that delivers outcome-based measures for animal welfare.

At the Agri T-Jam Final, a virtual event on October 18th, a pitching and Q&A session took place in front of a judging committee, supply chain partners and Tesco colleagues. This was followed by a public showcase webinar to a global audience when the 2021 winner - Crop Intellect - was announced. 
Data Driven Entrepreneurship AI cohort in the Bayes  Centre
Twelve teams of artificial intelligence entrepreneurs will begin a six-month AI Accelerator – part of a wider Data Driven Entrepreneurship programme at The University of Edinburgh. The purpose of the programme is to help AI-driven startups with high growth potential to set foundations to become world-leading companies, creating jobs and economic and societal benefit.

The Accelerator’s new cohort was selected from 66 applicants worldwide and includes two Roslin Innovation Centre-based tenant companies: Carcinotech Ltd, a MedTech company reinventing cancer research by manufacturing 3D-printed tumours; and aquaculture innovators Pulcea Ltd, a novel venture harnessing marine physics, data, and AI for the development of innovative technologies to improve the health and welfare of farmed Atlantic salmon.

 Wobble Genomics team outside Rosin Innovation Centre
Wobble Genomics has raised a £1.2 million investment round led by Eos Advisory.  The investment will support expansion of the team hosted at Roslin Innovation Centre, strengthen company IP and will help to drive sales and demonstrate the company's ability to improve clinical outcomes.

Wobble Genomics is a spin-out of the Roslin Institute, providing biochemical and bioinformatic solutions for gene biomarker discovery. 

The team specialise in maximising RNA and DNA sequencing efficiency for the discovery and detection of nucleic acid biomarkers, combining biochemistry with bioinformatics to provide integrated solutions.  

"Restrictions imposed as a result of COVID-19 made 2020/21 another challenging year for all of us and required Roslin Innovation Centre to implement new ways of working and operating within our public areas, lab and office space for the safety of colleagues, tenants and visitors. 

"Despite a very difficult couple of years for us all, Roslin Innovation Centre has proved to be very Covid-19 resilient, and has continued with some great business under circumstances not quite as usual! "

John Mackenzie, former CEO of Roslin Innovation Centre (November 2014 - March 2022)